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  • Author: Jackson, Sascha

Trainings, Street Children Activities and a Special Support

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Osiibye otya nno?

In the last months Ring Of Hope Uganda (RIHU) provided education programs, seminars, job trainings, school equipment, founded self-help groups and opened a new drop-in center for addicts.

With this article we want to publish part two of our recent RIHU news:

Tailoring and hair styling trainings

We would like to thank Mrs. Christina Raabs for supporting young people in need, mainly girls, to acquire vocational skills in tailoring and hair styling. Through her support we opened up a training center for tailoring / sewing and hair styling skills. She is supporting 20 students to acquire such skills. Some of the girls did not have a chance at all to go to school. Others dropped out of school because of poverty in their families. Thorough actions like this our community is getting transformed to the better and hope is spread.

During our street activity Christina identified one child whom she is going to start supporting in education from January 2020 on. The boy is already with us at Ring of Hope Home. He was very new on the streets.

Professional trainings and meetings for RIHU staff

We appreciate so much the good corporation between our office in Uganda and the International Blue Cross (IBC). IBC supported the programs coordinator Jackson to attend an international meeting about addiction which took place at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

In addition to that meeting, IBC is giving us monthly online training which many member countries are benefiting from. The first training was in the first week of October and the second one is coming end of November. IBC has also invited Jackson for another training which will take place in Botswana from 24th January to 30th January.

Exchanging ideas with an International Relations student from Geneva

Street Children Activity

We thank you very much for your continuous support that enables us reach out for children living on streets of Jinja town. The number is increasing but we feel happy when one child is saved from street life. Recently we had a street activity in which we had many young boys currently living on street.

Mrs. Christina Raabs decided during her visit to support one child from the street and is helping him to get through rehabilitation before joining school in January next year.

Among the activities during the street outreach we talk to them about many challenges they go through, we support the sick ones to get treatment, we give clothes to those who are almost naked, we play games with them and serve food if we find a sponsor for the meals.

Supporting Victor

Many people we support go or went through hard times and we’ve seen many heart-breaking destinies. Recently the story of Victor and his mother really touched us.

The little boy has severe health problems. The mother can’t work these days because she needs to continuously care for her son. They spend a lot of time in the hospital. The mother is a single-mom and they have no support through the father who left the family.

The family is very appreciative for the support they receive from a lady from Germany.

Christmas Party 2019

We would like to organise a Christmas Party for our sponsored children and the street kids of Jinja. If you want to contribute to this event where we will provide food and small gifts to the children, we would be more than happy about it. You can donate via the “Donate” button on the bottom of our homepage or in the “How to help section”.


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