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  • Author: Jackson, Sascha

Christmas at Ring Of Hope

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We would like to share some impressions of our Christmas celebration 2018 for street children from the Jinja area. We first celebrated with the street children families, kids and teenagers from the streets who decided to rent small rooms in a slum together to have a roof above their heads at night. One day later we went to the local soccer field to share festive moments with the boys living on streets 24/7. In the name of the children we would like to thank everyone who contributed to make moments like this happen.

All the green you see in this car are Xmas packages which were delivered to the street children and street children families in the slums of Jinja. It was a great sign of love to make these children also feel the Christmas festivities like other families in the community. They appreciated it so much and they told me to pass on their thanks message to you all.

We started the celebrations with sodas which were served to them during the meeting on the 24th of December 2018.

A family of three boys receiving a Xmas package. Among the items we put in rice, meat, Irish potatoes, bread, sugar, soap, tomatoes, onions and cooking oil.

On the 25th December we decided to celebrate with the street children in Jinja town. In all families in the country you expect to find a good meal on the table on Christmas day. All businesses close for Christmas and people move to the villages to meet their family members and friends.

Some of the street children work for the business people in town in order to get something to eat. On Christmas day they can't earn anything because all businesses are closed. It means no income on that day which makes it hard to have some money for food. Therefore our decision to prepare a meal for them on 25th helped them to share a free meal together.

A short message from Nickolas K. to the street boys. Nickolas was also on streets some years ago but currently is in school under the support of Ring of Hope. He encouraged his friends from the streets to keep going and hoping.

Time for giving clothes to the street boys. Many of them were almost without clothes and they suffer a lot in the cold weather and at night when it gets cold without proper clothes. We thank you very much for enabling us to buy some clothes as a Christmas gift.

Here are some pictures we took during the big Christmas meal. It was good to see so many happy faces and they could forget the daily sorrows and struggles for a while.

In addition we'd like to share a picture of our sponsored children. Some of them needed new clothes and Santa Claus was kind enough to made their wishes come true.

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