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Ring of Hope Uganda brings hope to the lives of vulnerable children by giving them an opportunity for education. The majority of the children supported by Ring of Hope are coming from families affected by alcohol and drug abuse related problems. Some children are former Street Children from the streets of Jinja town and others are from the slums of Jinja with no hope for going to school.


Under our education program we are enabling over 60 children to attend school. We provide them with both physical and psychosocial support. The situation which these children go though requires a lot of counseling which we provide to them. Ring of Hope together with international supporters and friends from Germany are able to provide tuition, scholastic materials and food at school for the children. 


There are two ways children can be supportet. Kids who have a family or a place to stay can be supporterd with their day school education. children who don't have a home can be supported with a place at a boarding school. 


Here are the stories of all the children who are searching for a sponsor. 


Isaac is 14 years old. He is in primary 7 this year.He lives with the grandmother Sarah, 61 years old. Isaac has two sisters Grace 11 years old, Mary 4 years old and a brother Jonah 7 years old. They don't know where their father Apollo went after loosing their mother. Isaac's dream is to become a doctor.


A supporter for his education will be highly appreciated.


Proscovia is 9 years old. She is in  primary 2 this year. She lives with the grand mother Rose 61 years old together with a sister  Flavia 7 years old and a brother Mark 5 years. She is the first born among the three children.

Proscovia's dream is to become an accountant and work in a bank. It will be very hard for her to fulfill her dream unless she gets someone to support her education.

A supporter for Proscovia will be appreciated.


Gilbert is 8 years old. He is in primary 3 this year. He is the last born in the family of 7 children. Has 2 brothers Alex 19 years old, Frank 16 years old and 3 sisters Brenda 21 years old, Gorret 14 years old and Rita 10 years old.

Gilbert is living with the two Parents Juliet and Moses but all are peasant farmers who have no a proper income to support Gilbert's education and fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer.

A supporter for Gilbert's education will be highly appreciated.


Shaminah is 9 years old She is in primary 3 this year and living with both the father George and the mother Harriet.

Shaminah is the last born in a family of 6 children. Shaminah has 4 sisters, Stella 21 years old, Rachael 19 years, Juliet 17, Sylvia 15  and one brother Bashir 13 years old.

The father's health condition is not good and the mother is a local brewer. She only earns little for the survival of the family. Can not afford supporting Shaminah's education. Shaminah's dream is to become a nurse.

Any supporter for Shaminah's education will be highly appreciated.

Jonah Miracle

Jonah Miracle is 7 years old. He is in Midle class this year. He is living with his grand mother 61 years old together with his brother Isaac and sisters Grace and Mary.

Jonah has taken a long time with out seeing his father because he disappeared after the death of the mother. They are living with their grand mother who is also old and sickly. She can not afford paying Jonah's school fees. Jonah wants to become a priest.

A supporter will be highly appreciated.


Gorret is 14 years old. She is a good student in primary 7 and living with the mother. She is number 4 in a family of six children. She has 2 sisters and three brothers. Gorret likes net ball and she is among the best prayers at school.

She has a dream of becoming a teacher in future. Her other has serious struggles to afford the education for Gorret.

She needs support that she can stay at school.


Helen is 7 years old and in primary 2 at Victory Primary School. She is living with her mother and is the only girl among the 4 children in the family. She is the third born and has brothers like Edrine 15 years, Mesach 12 years and Isaac 5 years. Helen wants to be a nurse as one of her dreams. She likes treating people who are in pain especially the children.

A support towards her education is highly appreciated.


Mubarack is 8 years old and is in primary 4 this year. He lives with both parents but their income can not enable him stay in school and achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Mubarack is the third born in a family of 7 children and is the only boy child among the seven. He enjoys playing foot ball and he likes blue as his best colour.

Any supporter for Mubarack's education is highly welcome.


Moses Batwawula, 8 years old. He is in primary 3 this year and is living with his aunt Rose. Moses together with his elder brother Samuel lost both ot their parents. Their mother first died in 2011, then followed by their father  in 2013. Their Aunt can only support them to have what to eat and other basic needs. Her income can not enable her support Moses education. Moses has a dream to become a pilot but this can be fulfilled if he gets someone to support his education.

Any supporter for Moses education will be highly appreciated.


Swabula is 6 years old. Swabula's parents are still alive. The mother is a peasant farmer who has no proper source of income and the father is a teacher by profession but currently has no job because the school was closed where he was teaching. Swabula has 5 sisters and 1 brother. Therefore in the family they are 7 children altogether. She is number 5 among the 7 children. She likes Net ball among the games and she is studying with a dream of becoming  a Nurse. She is looking for an opportunity to be supported in her education. Any supporter will be highly appreciated.


Grace is 6 years old. He lost his mother 2 months ago and he is now living with his father who is also very sick. The father is a peasant farmer who only cultivates for home consumption. And can not afford supporting Grace's education. Grace is the last born in a family of 4 children. Has his brother Micheal 12 years old,  Emanuel 10 years old and Stephen 8 years old. Their father Moses is 51 years old. Grace dreams to become a doctor if he completes his studies.

A supporter will be highly appreciated.


Patience is 8 years old and is currently in primary 3. She's among the best five children in her class. She's the youngest among her siblings and has a sister and a brother. Her mother is a housewife and her father is sick. That's why he can't work as a farmer anymore. Patience loves to dance and her favorite meal is chicken with matoke. She'd like to become a lawyer. The family doesn't have the money to send her to school frequently. A supporter is highly appreciated.

Emmanuel Kig.

Emanuel is 12 years old. He is in primary 4 and living with the grandmother Zeulence, 66 years old. Emanuel, together with his 2 brothers and 1 sister, lost their father in 2015. All are living with the grandmother. His parents had separated before the death of the father and they have never seen their mother since then The grandmother has no proper source of income and can only struggle to get food for the children. It is very hard for this old woman to get the school fees for the children and this is why Emanuel is requesting for someone who can support him to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot one day. His best subjects are mathematics and science. He likes posho and fish as his best food. Blue is his favorite color.

Emmanuel Kir.

Emanuel Kir is 5 years oldand attending Primary 1 this year. The family doesn’t have the money to send him to school frequently because the money is just enough to buy food. He lives with his grandmother since his father passed away. Emmanuel has 3 siblings, 2 boys and 1 girl. His favorite subject is English and he loves the Uganda Cranes, the football national team of Uganda. In his future he’d like to cure sick people. Any supporter is well appreciated. 


Suubi is 7 years old and has struggles to attend school (Primary 1) because oft he financial situation of the family. His father died in 2016 and now his mother is caring for him and his 2 older sisters, living at the grandmother’s place. The mother is sick and never had the chance to go to school. Suubi has a serious disease as well and life is not easy for hime. Despite of all this he wants to become a teacher one day!  His favorite thing to do is playing football and supporting Arsenal London. 


Juma is 7 years old and has one sister. His mother is caring for the family but doesn’t earn enough money to send the kids to school frequently. She has occasional jobs in working as a farmer and in selling clothes. Juma is in Primary 2 and has English as his favorite subject. His dream is to become a pilot one day. In his free time Juma enjoys playing football. He likes to eat rice and meat, whenever the family can afford it. 


Akiram is 7 years old and in Primary 1 his year. English is among his favorite subjects and he’s a big football fan. He has 2 sisters and is the youngest oft he siblings. Akiram’s parents are farmers, but both with a very low income, which means that they can send the kids to school only when they earn enough money. Akiram likes to eat rice and his favorite color is green. 


Grace is 9 years old and actually in Primary 4. His favorite subject is maths and his hobby is football. He is the sixth born in a family of 7 (2 boys, 5 girls). His favorite food are sweet potatoes. Grace’s oldest sister is caring for all her siblings. Grace big dream ist to become a Mechanic. We hope for support for Grace and therewith for his family as well.


Zainabu is 8 years old and in Primary 4 where she has English and Sports as her favorite subjects. The family has 5 girls, but the father isn't able to afford the school fees for his children since he has to face serious health issues and can’t work as a teacher anymore. Zainabu is a giftet athlete and is a big fan of Dorcus Inzikuru, a famous Ugandan gold medal runner. Zainabu dream is to become a professional athlete or a sports teacher.


Morrice is 14 years old and in Primary 7. He has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and is the second oldest among the siblings. The kids live with their grandmother who is a farmer and 70 years of age. The kids don’t live with their parents because they couldn’t find a job in Jinja district and moved to another district to find a job their. Morrice would like to become a business man to afford school and food for his family one day. He is a passionate football player and supporting Manchester United.


Menya is 10 years old and in Primary 4.  He can’t attend school frequently but nevertheless he is one the best students in class. He loves science and would like to become a doctor. He is a football and netball player. Menya lives together with his mom at his grandmothers place. As farmers they grow food for the family, but can’t make enough money with it to send Menya to school every day. A supporter is well appreciated. 


Desire is 9 years old and in Primary 4. She likes English and would like to become a doctor. Desire has 1 sister and 3 brothers and loves to play netball. Her favorite food is meat and rice and pink his her number one color. Her father is a boda boda (motorbike taxi) drive and doesn’t earn enough to send his kids to school frequently. That's why she needs support for her education. 


Rabim is 14 years old. He is supposed to be in primary 4 this year. He has been on street since fall 2016 . His father died in 2014 and the mother is also very sick and has no source of income to support the family. Rahim left home to look for a job so that he can earn some money for his survival and education. But there is no organization that can give job to a child of his age. Rahim is now living on streets of Jinja town. Rahim comes from a family of 5 children. 3 boys and 2 girls. He is the third born in the  family.

He wants to become a teacher in future. Any support will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot


Jamiru, 12 years old, was living together with his father and his 2 brothers and 1 sister. This was after the death of their mother in 2015. In December 2016 their father was taken to prison and children remained alone at home which made them move in different directions. Jamiru is the fourth born according to the children in the family.

Jamiru would be in primary 4 this year but instead he is on streets of Jinja town. He says that if he goes back to school he wants to become a police man in order to protect children's rights. Red is his best colour and English is his best subject in class. Any supporter will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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