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RIHU Children - RIHU Children

Education   -   Care   -   Support 

Ring of Hope Uganda brings hope to the lives of vulnerable children by giving them an opportunity for education. The majority of the children supported by Ring of Hope are from families affected by alcohol and drug abuse related problems. Some children are former street children from the streets of Jinja town and others are from the slums of Jinja.


Under our education program we are enabling over 70 children to attend school. We provide them both physical and psychosocial support. The situation these children are going though requires a lot of counseling which we provide to them. Ring of Hope together with international supporters and friends from Germany is able to provide tuition, scholastic materials and food at school for the children. 


There are two ways children can be supportet. Kids who have a family or a place to stay can be supporterd with their day school education. Children who don't have a home can be supported with a place at a boarding school. 


Here are picutures of all our sponsored children: 

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