Ring Of Hope Uganda

P.O. Box 1861

Jinja, Uganda

Phone ‭+256 775 952 174‬

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Both, Ring Of Hope and it's partner Tuli have the mission to end poverty. Tuli believs the people best equipped to help communities are those who are a part of them. Rather than enacting temporary relief measures or spending money on a short-term aid, it wants to invest in communities so that they are empowered to create change for themselves.

Tuli's mission is to empower resourceful, hard-working people in Uganda to earn long-term, sustainable incomes and, in doing so, fight poverty. 

The Tuli model: To use the fashion industry to bring a large market to women in Uganda who would otherwise have little access to buyers. Tuli works with partners in Kampala to create designs relevant to today's fashion market. 

If you're interested in Tuli, it's fair and sustainable business model and it's products feel free to visit their website by clicking on the Tuli logo. 




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