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In 2009 Ring of Hope Uganda started its work in a single roomed house on Kamuli Road Mpumudde Division, Jinja District where we stayed till 2011 after God blessing us with a small plot at Butiki Village in Mafubira Sub county. Our offices and the Rehabilitation Center for alcoholics and Drug Addicts are currently established in this area.


On 21st/ 07/ 2010 Dr. Klaus Richter together with other Blue Cross members from Kenya i.e Mr. Paul Muli and Mr. Ken Kinyua made their visit to Jinja and Ring of Hope in particular as their first  time to come and see the work in Uganda.

Since that time Dr. Klaus makes annual visits to Uganda with a team of other visitors. During these visits they give a lot of support in different ways to our ministry in Uganda. We always share more about Blue Cross work in different countries, conduct awareness seminars to the community, ministers to the street children of Jinja town, support the treatment for the sick people in Jinja, and empower the volunteers among others.


In this photo we see Isabirye Jackson and Dr. Klaus Richter during their first  meeting on 29th July 2008. This was in a Blue Cross meeting which was organized by Blue Cross Kenya in Nakuru town.

In this photo we see some members of Ring of Hope founding body in 2008. From Left is Mr. Kakamwa Charles, Mr. Isabirye Jackson, Ms Irene Wekiya, Mrs Lydia Baite and Ms Annet Chandiru. In the photo we missed Ms Ruth Ssali and Mr. David Lubega

Before establishing the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, our work was mainly creating awareness about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. We could reach many people with our information especially in schools among students, in slums where they do local brewing like Makenke Community in Jinja, we could reach the street children who left the homes because of different problems and also the Jinja referral Hospital where most people go for the help after reaching a in worst state because of alcohol and drug abuse.

Here we see Jackson when attending to a client at Ring of Hope first office in 2009. In this period we could only give counseling to our clients and make referrals in case there was any other service required.

In this photo we see some of the street children of Jinja lamenting to God through prayers to respond to them and have a way to get out of street to a home.

Ring of Hope engaged many young people and children in sports activities as an alternative way of spending leisure other than going for alcohol and drugs.

In these two photos we see a young boy and a girl struggling with alcohol brewing for survival instead of attending school. These two children are now supported by Ring of Hope in their education  since 2010 and they are progressing well with their studies. The boy is called Joseph and this year of 2016 is in senior 3.

In this photo we see Ring of Hope volunteers constructing the first accommodation house for clients in March 2011. All God's work begin in a humble way and grow bigger step by step. We thank God for his provision in our work.

In this photo we see the Ring of Hope volunteers going to the community for field work activities. This was in 2011 and we had activities like creating awareness about the alcohol and drug abuse related problems. We conducted many sessions in schools, in local brewing communities like Makenke, among the street children of Jinja town and in slums of Jinja.

In this photo we see Jackson in between the two street children Jamilu and Kenzo. Jamilu is out of street since 2011 and is currently in School under sponsorship of  Ring of Hope.

In this photo we see Jackson creating awareness about the problems of Alcohol and drugs to the school children. This was in 2009 and since then we have talked to thousands of children in different schools.

The activities with street children started in 2009 and the child in this photo is among the first beneficiaries in this program. He is among the first children who went through ring of Hope rehabilitation center. He was rehabilitated  in 2011 and put in school after rehabilitation. His name is called Jamiru Wamala and is currently in primary seven studying under Ring of Hope sponsorship.

In this photo we see Ring of Hope clients house that served from 2011 to 2015. 

Before Ring of Hope, there was no organization offering treatment and rehabilitation services to the people affected by alcohol and other substances in Eastern Region. For now Ring of Hope Uganda is the only treatment and Rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicts in Eastern Uganda where Jinja located. In 2013 our friends in Germany of Hilfe Fur Brudder International funded us to construct the accommodation house for our male clients under treatment and rehabilitation. Also they have given us another funding for the construction of the underground water tank of over 100,000 liters of water. The water tank project started in March 2016 and it is progressing well. Thanks a lot Dr. Klaus for the good connection.


With the support from Blue Cross Germany and Ostafrika Projekt e.V. we are doing a very recommendable job in the community of Jinja especially in the area of saving the lives of addicts through treatment and rehabilitation, economic empowerment to the rehabilitated clients and the most poor communities, creating awareness about the alcohol and drug abuse related problems, education sponsorship to the affected children and the most vulnerable ones.The organization is basically built with the spirit of voluntarism. This is why we have a very good team of committed volunteers both full and part time.

Since 2018 we are a member of the International Blue Cross (IBC).


Special thanks to all our supporters in all the above mentioned programs.

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