Ring Of Hope Uganda

P.O. Box 1861

Jinja, Uganda

Phone ‭+256 775 952 174‬

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How To


Support starting Micro Businesses

Help our communities to start their own businesses according to the motto "Help For Selfhelp".

Every amount is welcome.

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child that it can attend day-school where it is also provided with food and a school uniform for 21 Euro / 24 USD per month 


help a street child that it can attend boarding school where it can live and study for 50 Euro / 58 USD per month


By giving 1€ or the amount you'd like to give per month you can help us with special projects like buying mattresses, moskito nets, affording medical treatment for people and children in need and much more!

Sponsor a Rehab Treatment

We reach many heavy addicts, who are very poor. If you support an addict for 3 months of treatment it will save him/her and their families. Every amount is welcome!


Donate to help us with our projects 

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If you are intrerested in our projects, if you want to help or if you have any questions,  feel free to send us a message in the box below.

Kind greetings, 

Jackson, Patrick, Sascha