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RIHU Center

Addiction Treatment   -   Counseling   -   Rehabilitation 

Ring of Hope Uganda Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for alcohol and drug addicts is the only one of its kind in both Eastern and Northern Uganda.

At the RIHU Rehab Center we offer treatment and rehabilitation services to alcohol and drug addicts with the aim of transforming them into responsible people who can support their families. Uganda is ranked among the leading countries in alcohol consumption and this is connected to the historical challenges that some parts of the country have gone through. For example the war in northern Uganda which left many people with both, external and internal wounds. This requires a longer period of time and good rehabilitation services to have a proper healing.


The Center provides both, in and outpatient treatment and rehabilitation services to the clients affected by alcohol and drug addiction.


The inpatient clients are admitted at the rehab center for a treatment and rehabilitation program which takes between three and six months. Our facility of 24 beds can accommodate the similar number clients. This beautiful house was funded by our Germany friends of "Hilfe Für Brüder International" and it was commissioned in July 2015 by Doctor David Basangwa the director of Butabika Mental Health National Referral Hospital who represented Doctor Sheila Ndyanabangi from the Uganda ministry of Health.


Under the outpatient program we attend to over 100 clients every month who come for counseling services on programs organized by Ring of Hope.

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