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Education, Seminars, Self-Help Groups and New Drop-In Center in Jinja Town

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear friends of Ring Of Hope Uganda (RIHU),

we would love to share some information about our work in the previous months with you. Many people struggle in our communities because of their very challenging life conditions. People are not provided with a “social net”, labor protection and security standards like we know them in the European Counties. Not even children get any kind of “social security”. Committed individuals and organizations try to help and provide shelter, education, skills through trainings and even rehabilitation centers for the sick and addicted. We are happy that we can help people in the Jinja area with therapies and treatments, consulting, small businesses, education, trainings and an open ear for the ones who are not heard and seen in society. To make at least the world around us a bit better and happier.

In the last months RIHU provided education programs, seminars, job trainings, school equipment, founded self-help groups and opened a new drop-in center for addicts. Currently we are trying to fund a Christmas party for the supported children and street children of Jinja town.

We want to provide recent news in two posts in our NEWS section. Here is part one:

Education program

This year we have 18 candidates who are writing National Exams. Nine students to access Secondary Level, seven students are writing Senior Four Exams and two students are writing Senior Six Exams to join university. This is a very big achievement for them. Some of the children were very young and had no opportunity to go to school by the time we started supporting them. Others lived on the streets and we don't know where they would be at this time because many of the street children die at a very early age.

RIHU Seminars for children and teenagers

Our supported children go through a lot of challenges as they grow older. The parents who would like to be on their side are quiet often not there anymore to help. In addition, there are risks of negative influence in the environment of the children. In the seminars we interactively talk about many issues in their daily lives. Providing them with “outside school” life skills like personal hygiene, nutrition, sex education, reproductive health, and decision making. We also do sports activities and team building activities with them and provide food during the seminars.

In the photos below we see a staff member teaching our children how to use a modern hand washing facility or tank which was donated to Ring of Hope by the “Ugandan Ministry of Water and Sanitation”.

The photos show children having their meals during the seminar day at Ring of Hope Center

Preparation for new school term

We currently provided 75 supported children with scholastic material.

Self-help Groups of alcohol addicts

We are continuing with the outreaches to the most affected communities in our regions focusing on the groups of the communities of Kakira, Butiki and Kyekidde. The Blue Cross recovering group is moving on well. Many thanks to our brothers of the Blue Cross recovery group in Germany for the continuous support.

New RIHU Drop-In Center in Jinja

For a better and easy coordination and accessibility to our services in Jinja community we opened a drop in center / office in the Jinja City center. So people can easily access inquiries and counselling sessions on drug addiction issues.

The new Drop-In Center is located at Golden City Building - Room 19, opposite of the Jinja City Hotel.

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