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November News

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear friends and supporters of Ring Of Hope,

the last weeks brought some ups and downs we'd like to inform you about in this news update.

Mattresses and Mosquito Nets Project

Thanks to many supporters from all over the world we are able to provide seven children with mattresses and sleeping equipment including mosquito nets! Pictures will be shared soon. We are happy for the support with such important items. A child who sleeps comfortable grows well and also performs better in class. In addition Malaria is still a big problem in the country especially among poor house holds. Though Malaria is preventable and treatable, the majority of our people have no financial capacity to buy protective measures like mosquito nets. When they get sick they mostly can't afford the recommended treatment for Malaria.

Ring Of Hope Children

In this period we have children who are getting prepared for final exams. Those who are moving from primary to secondary school and those who are moving from ordinary secondary to advanced secondary. In addition some of the children like Derrick and Patience had their confirmation at church. You will see the photos of the children with our bishop.

Makenke Group

Jackson was in a meeting with some mothers working in Makenke. The Makenke work is very risky though and people work there as the only alternative for their survival.

Last week one of the distilling containers exploded and burnt two people. A young lady of 20 years and a young boy of 24 years. They are both admitted in a private hospital and they were in critical condition. The doctors told us that the burns are very severe. Thanks to a first aid support we could help them with their hospital expenses for the first two weeks. Further support is needed. The patients and their relatives can not manage to meet all the hospital bills because they are working for their daily survival. They even didn't have enough to pay for their school fees which excluded them from school education.

Street Children

There was an interaction early last week which was full of sharing about what they go through as street children. Many have died on the streets like Brian whom the International Team among Dr. Klaus met during their recent visit. Brian died after falling in water after an epileptic attack. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Thank you very much for the support that enables us to help the street boys.

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