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Street children forming family teams

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Here are some good news from Uganda and a great example of humanity we’d like to share with you guys! Jackson wrote me that the street children of Jinja Town start forming their own families outside the streets. They are in groups of five children and rent rooms together. There are two groups so far and Jackson encourages them to keep going in this direction, so they can also be an example for others to follow. They elect one child to be the leader of the common home and the group.

When Jackson visits them they sometimes cook together and have kind of a family life. He said it's interesting because they respect and care about each other in their home. This development is much better than sleeping on the street and being in permanent danger especially at night. Though it is expensive for some children who don’t earn enough money on the street during the day.

Last Sunday the children and him had a meeting and they discussed a lot sharing about the challenges they go through. Each child is contributing 10,000 Uganda Shilling (3,6 Euros) per month for the rent. But some are too young and have problems finding work and saving that money. They told him that the most challenging problem is to pay for rent and they struggle getting something to eat. One family team has a boy who is studying in primary 7 this year. It's far from easy for him to buy some of his school requirements. He is expected to be in class, but also has to work. His family of "street children" is supporting their friend, even if they only have a minimum as well.

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