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Annual convention for the children 2018

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear supporters and friends of Ring Of Hope Uganda,

we just received emails from Jackson in Jinja, Uganda where a big celebration for all supported children and the street children of Jinja took place. It was the end of the Christmas vacation for the kids and a good opportunity to celebrate Christmas, New Years and “Back-to-School” together with the RIHU team.

We’d like to share parts of Jackson’s emails here combined with a big THANK YOU for your support during the year 2017. Thank you for helping us making a change in the lives of many.

In addition we’re very happy that we could find a sponsor for three children in the last days of 2017. One of the children started working in the dangerous working environment of the alcohol brewers community to earn money for the school fees. The girl can fully concentrate on school now. The other two children lived on the streets and can access school as well from January 2018 on.

Jackson's email letter:

“Hello Friends,

we thank you very much for the continuous support. Many fruits are expected from the work which we are doing. We are building a better Uganda of tomorrow where we will have good service providers. Children are progressing well with their education and we are very happy for your support.

Here are some of the photos for the day of children Xmas and New year celebration. It is now called our annual convention for the children.

The program started with a church service which was led by Ven. Rev Patrick Mutalwa the Vicar St. James church and Secretary of Busoga Diocese. Later we were joined by Rt. Rev. Patrick Wakula the Bishop for Central Busoga Diocese and Ring of Hope Board Chairperson. The Bishop was invited as a chief guest and delivered a very good message to the children and all people who attended the function. Also many local leaders including those in charge of children affairs in Jinja District attended the function. A number of street children attended and people listened to many testimonies about the good work we are doing in the community. Thank you very much for the support. May God bless you."

In the slide show below are photos which were taken on December 24th during the delivery of the Christmas packages to the the street boys families (the street boys have organized themselves in family teams) who are now residing in Masese community Jinja.

They were so happy including other community members for the good heart we showed to such vulnerable groups.

In the next slide show are pictures from the annual convention for the children 2018 together with some explanations.

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