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Progress at RIHU

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear friends and supporters of Ring Of Hope Uganda,

it’s been quiet while since we’ve update the news section. Our work for RIHU in Jinja and from Germany and other parts of the world continued in the meantime and here’s a summary of the recent development.

Support for Pretty and Suzan

We are happy to announce that Pretty, 5 years old, has found a sponsor for her school education. A woman from Germany and her husband give her support for attending school in Jinja.

Moreover we are able to support Suzan, a young woman, with her on the job training to become a hair stylist. Suzan parents are not able to care for her siblings anymore so she is the one who’s responsible to raise them. To give her a better foundation for this, it’s necessary to have a job where you are well trained and educated in. So we thank a young lady from the Heidelberg area in Germany for providing support for Suzan’s training for the next round about two years. In addition we’d like to thank the supporters who donated via the Ring Of Hope homepage. This contribution will also be used for Suzan.

Pretty in her school uniform

Here you can see Suzan with her teacher. After learning at the artificial head now she is learning to style and cut the hair of customers. The teacher said Suzan is very interest in learning and therefore she has a fast development.

New school term

End of October the new school term for all the Ring Of Hope Children began. They received their school packages at the RIHU center. RIHU also gave a group counseling before the kids reported for the new term. We always invite other leaders from the community to add on our message to the parents and children. One of the leaders from the government of Uganda, Mr. Wansagi Charles, gave a speech to the supported children and our team.

Ambrose reporting for the new term at school. He's one of the former street children in Jinja. Ambrose is now one of the best performing children at his school.

Jackson visited some of the children at school. Here are Stela, Mary and Grace

Our next news post will be about the upcoming Ring Of Hope Christmas party. The children will start their finals soon and are much excited about the Christmas holidays in December. We will organize our yearly Christmas party for them and the street children of Jinja.

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