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Small acts of kindness, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear friends of Ring of Hope Uganda,

last spring our team spent a day in community with the street children of Jinja. One of the youngest boys on the streets was Benon. He is 8 years old. Sleepless and cold nights, hunger and the danger of the streets were a big part of his daily life. Last weekend Jackson sent me some recent pictures. Some of them were from Benon in his school uniform. I was really touched and overwhelmed to see him in his new life. Thanks to a supporter from Germany the whole life of this young boy was changed. Now he receives what he has always deserved to receive. Shelter, food, a school community, education, healthcare and a life without the daily fear of surviving. Moreover his friend from the streets, Proclus, is his school mate now. He is on the left on the school uniform picture below.

I know we’re talking about "only" two kids out of so many, but for the two of them hope and future were given and lives were changed. Stories like this give encouragement and motivation to continue the journey.

I hope that We altogether can bring more small acts of kindness to this world to create the tomorrow we wish to see.

Thank you for your contribution and support!

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