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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear friends and supporters of Ring Of Hope Uganda,

it’s been a while since we’ve published the last article on our homepage. We’d like to inform you about some of the developments of the last weeks.

More children can attend school

We’re happy to announce that a young boy from the streets of Jinja will attend school soon. His name is Benon and he is 8 years old. Benon lived on the streets for 6 months. In addition Rihana, 7 years old, will be able to attend school as well. Both are supported by a German family who is currently living in Kenya.


The Ring of Hope Team spent a day together with 40 of the children aged 13 and above for a workshop. They did bible studies and transferred what they’ve read in scripture in our today’s society and their lives at school and at home. Moreover challenges in their daily lives as young girls and boys were discussed. They could also share a common meal together at the Ring Of Hope Center.

Street Children

The street children of Jinja received gifts like capes, torches and sweets from Sister Anita from Germany. It gave them moments of happiness.

Michelle is recovering

Michelle was knocked by a motor bike when she was coming back from school. The grandmother had no money for the hospital so she decided to keep Michelle in the house till the Ring Of Hope Team met her in much pain and the broken leg was healing in a wrong position. Sister Anita enabled RIHU to take the girl to the hospital and the doctors worked on her very well. They worked on her leg and put it back in the right position. Michelle hopes to start going to school again but the grandmother (70 years old) cannot enable her to stay in school. The grandmother mainly struggles to ensure that they get food for their survival. Michelle lost both parents at early age and has been with her grandmother since her childhood.

Children receiving gifts

Supporters from Germany sent gifts including a football and jerseys to some of the children including their sponsored child Peter Okello.

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