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A day with children in need of education

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In early March I had the chance to spend a day with twelve children of the Jinja district who struggle to attend school because of difficulties in their families. We spent a day together at Ring Of Hope Rehab Center and I could get an impression of their family situation and their lives in Uganda.

Emmanel Kir. writing down his name

Notes about the kids and their situation

In our this years visit of Uganda and Kenia we always pointed out that it is most important to help bringing parents into work that they can afford their children’s education. But this isn’t to realize for all families, as many kids lost a mother or father, sometimes even both parents. Quiet often the educational level of the parents is not high enough to get a decent job, sometimes the amount of children in the family is simply to high for the resources available for the family. In these cases it is necessary to provide the children with education to give them the chance for a better life for themselves and of course their future families.

Emmanuel and his grandmother who is caring for him

Emmanuel and his grandmother who is caring for him

It was very touching to hear the stories of the children and to learn about the struggles in their lives. But it was also encouraging to motivate them by trying to find solutions. If you want to get to know the children, please visit the "Children Searching for a Sponsor" section on our website or ask me or Jackson about them.

Menya and his mom. She's a single and both of them are living at the grandma's place

In addition Jackson visited the Street Children of Jinja again these days. It was a time full of conversations with the children. We have 5 children from the street who are crying for help and who long for education and a school life. We want to share some pictures of the meeting here and their stories in the "Children searching for a sponsor section". It would be wonderful to find someone who wants to support them to give them the chance to leave the street.

Jackson with some of the street boys of Jinja. Jinja is one of the towns

with the highest number of street boys in Uganda.

The potato sacks are the "bed" for the street children at night

and a bag for their belongings

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