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Christmas & New Year's Celebration and Mattresses Project

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dear friends and supporters of Ring Of Hope Uganda,

in our first update of 2017 we'd like to inform you about recent news from Jinja, Uganda and hope you had a good start in the new year!

After the Ring Of Hope Children spent the Christmas season together with their families we had our Christmas and New's Years celebration together with them and the street children of Jinja Town January 13th. It was a good opportunity for the children to come together and write letters to their sponsors in Germany and the USA, to thank them for their continuous support. For Ring Of Hope it was the chance to say thank you to the children for their good performances at school and at the social activities they do together like dancing groups and drama groups. Some children were awarded for their great accomplishments during the last year.

Our Christmas event brings the staff, the sponsored children and the street children together. Especially for the street children it is the only opportunity to celebrate Christmas and New Years. Everyone enjoyed dancing, singing and eating together in a big community and in a warm atmosphere.

Get some impressions of our celebration in the slideshow below :)

A special thanks goes to the supporters of our Mattresses Project. Through a fundraising we were able to collect money to equip seven children with mattresses, mattress covers, mosquito nets, and blankets. The sleeping condition of a child affects the performance at school and its health so much. Some children sleep on the bare ground, not protected from mosquitos and not protected from the cold at night. We could give "sleeping equipment" to seven children from different families. It was very challenging to select the seven children because of the big number that really needs this kind of support among the kids.

In the slideshow below are pictures of the happy kids receiving their gifts.

Besides all these good news, Uganda suffers from a extremely long drought which is not normal during this time of the year. This has negative effects on the food production and leads to food scarcity and high food prices.

We hope for a good year 2017 where we can realize many small and maybe some bigger dreams, step by step together with all our supporters and friends!

Thank you very much and may God bless you!

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