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New School Term and Water Tank Progress

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

My dear friends and supporters of Ring Of Hope Uganda! In the following we'd like to provide you with some recent updates from Jinja. There has been positive progress during the last weeks and we'd like to invite you reading about it.

Water Tank

Especially the Water Tank Project is progressing well as you can see on the pictures below. The goal is to to provide the Ring Of Hope Center with a constant water supply. The final phase will involve doing internal finishes, connecting water from the roof to the tank, buying a water pump, raising stand for the serving tank and the commissioning of the project.

New School Term September 2016

As the new school term just started, you can enjoy the added pictures of many of the ROHU kids taken on the day they received their new school equipment at Ring Of Hope Center and at their schools. You can see the pictures with a short description by clicking through the gallery slideshow.

As the new term just started, we'd like to inform that we're still searching for a second sponsor for the former street boy Ivan to afford his education at his boarding school. In addition Jackson decided to send Nalutaya to school as well, even if we haven't found a sponsor for her yet. It's very difficult to raise money for her education without a sponsor though. Here you can see her in March 2016 in front of her grandmother's house and last month receiving her first new term school package.

Go-Fund-Me for mattresses

We'd also like to inform you that we've started a two-weeks-project to raise money for mattresses and other essentials equipment for some of the ROHU children. Feel free to have a closer look at ->

A big thank you for your kind support which enables to better the lives of children, clients at the Rehab Center and communities! :)

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