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Updates from Ivan and Ambrose

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We reported about the two former street children Ambrose and Ivan recently. They are at school for more than a month now and Jackson wrote that both of them are smart and happy! They give a special thanks to their supporters from Germany and the USA. Jackson found some family members of the two boys and visited Ambrose's family members recently. He is planning to visit Ivan's family members as well. Ivan is from a region far away from Jinja.

A couple of days ago the boys were equipped with a "back-to-school-starter-kit" and a mattress at the Ring Of Hope Center in Jinja, Uganda. Here are some pictures of the boys.

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Ring Of Hope Uganda

P.O. Box 1861

Jinja, Uganda

Phone: ‭+256 775952174



DROP-IN Office:

Located at the Golden City Building Room 19 opposite of City Hotel Jinja

Rehabilitation Center:

Butiki - Mataala near Butiki Primary

School, Mafubira Sub County

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