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Our new God-Children :)

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A big and sunny hello to everyone! I'm happy to write this Blog entry for you guys, because it's official that we could find 6 supporters for 5 children since I'm back from Uganda end of March! Flavia, Derrick, Ambrose, Ivan and Kauthara will start school this month thanks to supporters from Germany and California.

Kauthara (6) found a nice family from Germany as her supporter. She has two siblings and lost her dad last year. The family had to pay for the hospital costs of the father and is living in poverty now. Because of the bad health condition of their mom, they all live at the grandma's place now.

Especially for the former street children Ivan (13) and Ambrose (13) it will be a life changing opportunity to attend a boarding school. Ambrose lived on the street for five years, Ivan for two years. Both of them don't a family anymore where they can stay, so it was a daily struggle for them to get some food and other basic things in life. Quiet often the food they ate was contaminated. Now the both of them are provided with daily meals, an own bed, a roof above their heads and education.

On the pictures below you can see Ambrose with Dr. Klaus when we visited Ambrose and the other Street Children in March 2016 in Jinja. The second picture shows Ivan with other Street Children in April 2016. The sacks they are carrying is their "bed" and contains all their belongings.

The father of Derrick (13) died three years ago. Together with his two siblings he is living at his grandmothers home. His dream is to become a doctor and he is a good student! Thanks to one of our sponsors he can attend the Secondary School Level in Uganda.

Flavia (6) is also living together with her grandma. She has a brother and a sister. They are also kids who don't have a father anymore. The grandma doesn't have an income, so it's impossible for her to pay for the education of the kids.

If you want to see all our sponsored children or if you are interested in supporting a child in Uganda you can get further information on our website or write us a message :)!get-involved/q5g0o

Have a great weekend!


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