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Rotary Club Award for Ring Of Hope

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Ring Of Hope Uganda receives Rotary Club Award

On the picture below you can see Jackson Isabirye and Rose Muzigo, the Ring of Hope Accountant, receiving the Rotary Club Award from Mr. Reagan Tumusime, the Assistant Governor of Eastern Uganda Rotary Club and Dr. Peter Isabirye, the President of the Source of the Nile Rotary Club.

This was to thank Ring of Hope Uganda for being the best performer among the charity organizations creating a big impact on the community. Ring of Hope was ranked number one among the organisations impacting on the lives of people in the community of Jinja district.

Jackson and his team visiting the Makenke Brewery Group

"Makenke Family" - In this photo we see a family which is entirely doing alcohol brewing for their survival. This work is not easy because of the risks involved like explosion, dirty environment etc. They put on a good smile despite of the conditions they go through. Many families who work there are from the North of Uganda and were fleeing from the war there which lastet till 2006.

Client discharged from Rehab Center

The two pictures below show clients in a group photo and one of the clients shaking hands with the programs coordinator in appreciating the support given to him since he came to the rehab home till last week when he was discharged.

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